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to better Serve your Microsoft RDS Clients

Strengthen the RDS infrastructure of your clients with 3 powerful complementary tools.

9 powerful security tools to shield your RDS servers

Block 360 million Hacker IP addresses from day 1. Prevent ransomware and brute force attacks. Restrict access from unwanted countries. Automatically back up programs and files. And more!

Affordable alternative to TeamViewer for RDS

Fix issues remotely. Provide unattended maintenance and updates to RDS servers and endpoints. Assist remote users and clients via screen sharing and remote control.

Monitor and Optimize your RDS infrastructures

Promptly troubleshoot malfunctions. Monitor server performance, user behavior, remote sessions, network and application usage in real-time. Receive and send customizable reports.


  • Cybersecurity for RDS
  • Remote Support for RDS
  • Server Monitoring for RDS

made simple

Our family of software covers a wide range of RDS needs.


RDS Tools are designed to bridge the gaps inherent in RDS infrastructures. Install them today to significantly improve operations.


RDS Tools are designed by RDS security experts and are continuously updated to anticipate future threats and needs.


RDS Tools are designed to optimize RDS infrastructures. Reduce costs, prevent issues and improve effectiveness.


Serving MSPs, CTOs and IT Professionals

Most RDS infrastructures require supplementary cybersecurity and monitoring tools to become as robust, secure and optimized as possible. Additionally, most SMBs possess limited technical capabilities and resources to manage such infrastructures.

This is why we developed RDS-Tools.

RDS-Tools enable you to maximize the cybersecurity of RDS infrastructures, centralize activity monitoring and provide remote support at the best possible price.

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